Paradise Valley Farm, located in Cleveland, GA, has some Harlequin & Shetliot Sheep available. Rams & Ewes, some with blue eyes! Summer Sale! $200 for wetheres, $100 of registered prices & $200 off females. For individual listings and more info please visit http://www.minilivestock.com/sheep1.html If you are interested or have questions, please contact Animal Sales by calling 706-348-7279 or em...
Orange (salmon) colored. Queen/king
Everything from dishes pots pans plates Pampered Chef baker's racks baking pots and pans Pizza cook stones Crock-Pot strainers forks spoons spatulas knives cake mix and paddles muffin pans salad bowls coffee cups vegetable steamers candy dishes butter dish Crystal sugar dishes pie plates popcorn balls glass cookware all goes together. One price I have boxes at my home to box it all up in front ...
2 pieces porcelain tea cups for couple
?t was used so rarely (maybe 2 times)
Paradise Valley Farm, Located in Cleveland, GA has a male Cheviot Sheep looking for a home! Can be sold as a pet or registered. $450 Registered $300 Pet This male was born 2.20.17. For more information visit http://www.minilivestock.com/adult-sheep.html if you are interested or have questions please contact Animal Sales by calling 706-348-7279 or email info@minilivestock.com
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